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I’m back! Left the hotel at 6:30 AM PST, and stepped in the house at 6:30 PM CST. Whew.

High winds in Vegas caused a bunch of delays — I’m just glad that the flights weren’t canceled like they were the day before. Southwest Airlines made things fun by giving out these groovy blinky heart necklaces.  Plus I made it home to spend the evening with my honey.

We had a great show! Had tons of fun with the Hero gang, plus it was so good to see all of you that stopped by the booth! More on the show plus pictures from the booth after I’ve had a chance to recover.

Have a great weekend everyone, and Valentine’s Day hugs to all!

3 thoughts on “Back!”

  1. What a long day travelling ! I can’t wait to hear all about the show and see the booth pictures ! I bet it was amazing !

    :-) barbara

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