Sketching Wildflowers

I was honored to teach a workshop at Nash Prairie Preserve near the Gulf Coast of Texas, an extraordinary place protected by The Nature Conservancy. Less than 1% of the Great Coastal Prairie still exists, and barely a fraction of it is unplowed like Nash Prairie. It is truly a special place. Workshop participants sketched […]

Pocket Palette

In this post I’m sharing the tiny but mighty Pocket Palette from Expeditionary Art — I purchased it in January to take on a month-long road trip from here in Austin, Texas out to Joshua Tree and back with the thinking that it would be great to take on long hikes. I wanted to keep my pack light […]

Chocolate Palette

No it’s not a palette full of chocolate, although that would be good too haha! :) Nope, this is where I keep my yummy handmade watercolors. I call it my chocolate palette because they’re in this tin that I got at the gift shop at Marin Headlands/Golden Gate National Recreation area in San Francisco after an awesome […]