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Cards inspired by sugarbuffet!

Today is Kryssi’s — aka sugarbuffet’sDay on the Blog over at Hero Arts! She was my pick for the last “Win a Day” contest.  I just love her style — she has a terrific sense of color + always does something unexpected — plus she is so sweet!

I thought I’d share the cards that I made that are inspired by hers.  First off, here’s one featuring one of my favorite stamp sets — the Clear Design Dolls + a real doll that Kryssi found, called a momiji!  My card was inspired by the momiji doll’s dress


And here’s a little tip — you can roll the edges of the stamped doll around your finger to curve them — then she’ll look even more like a doll!  Thanks to my friend Liz for that trick!


Since today is “Watch it Wednesday” over on the Hero blog, I made a little video showing how to make a paper fortune cookie — thought they went with the theme.  These are so fun to make — and to give — they always make people smile!  :)


Here’s a closeup


And here’s the video


Here’s a better view doll that I got — isn’t she just adorable?  The place that I got mine from is now out of stock, but you can search on Google and find some others.   Note: these dolls are addicting!  You have been warned! :)


Next, here’s a card totally inspired by one that Kryssi did:


Gotta love those owls — and wiggle eyes with eyelashes crack me up!

Last but not least, I finally got to use the cloud stamps in the Clear Design Sky’s the Limit set — yay!  LOVE clouds, they are so fun!



To see all of Kryssi’s super duper cards that I used for inspiration, just click on over here to the Hero Arts Blog. Oh and!  There’s a giveaway going on there, too!

BIG hugs to you, Kryssi!  Hope you enjoy your day on the blog!

20 thoughts on “Cards inspired by sugarbuffet!”

  1. Hey Lisa – love your work!  I have a quick question.  Who makes the google eyes with eyelashes?  I have never seen any like that and love them!

    1. Hi Kathy! Not sure who makes them, as I took mine out of the package — I store my eyes in baby food jars — too many bad experiences where the package ripped and eyes went flying everywhere, ha ha ha! :) I got them at Hobby Lobby if that helps.

  2. well lisa… i am already sleep deprived (my kid  wakes up at least 3x a night), but the excitement got me up for good 8:30 this morning (we usually sleep till 10, haha)!

    i love your cards, love your talent, love you!!! thanks and here’s a big fat {{{HUG}}} from your biggest new york fan!

  3. Your day with Kryssi is awesome, you both ROCK!! I really admire your talent!! I just enjoy visit your blog everyday, so inspiring!!

    I just order my doll from, can’t wait for it to come!! So very cute, thanks for the enabling! :)

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! These cards are amazing. I absolutely love the fortune cookie too. Thanks for the tutorial on how to make it.

    I just love love love your blog. Your work still amazes me! Thanks!!

  5. Lisa…lover of felt:  Have you ever tried making the fortune cookies out of beige felt?  A little more pliable than paper, although it can be mistaken for a “wonton” because of the coloring!  Try it…they’re addictive to make!

    1. Donna! That is a most excellent idea! I was actually thinking it the other day, but I didn’t have the right color felt…! This calls for a trip to the craft store..!

  6. Ohhh I love those momiji dolls. I saw them in England two years ago for the first time and since than I was in love LOL
    Great cards you are showing. The Japanese girls are my favorite stamps right now too :D

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