Just a little note to say thanks so much for all of your comments, emails, tweets — they really made me smile this past week!

And, thanks so much to my friends Mon, Rick and Manami for the beautiful flowers, wow, what a great surprise! Prairie cordgrass, irises…


Sunflowers + goldenrod…


Wow!  So beautiful and made me think of all the prairies I’ve visited…I think it worked some magic, as I’m feeling so much better today.


All of your well wishes really helped — more than you can know.

Sending all of YOU smiles!

13 thoughts on “Smiles”

  1. so glad to hear that you are feeling better…and are back to stamping this morning! :)  such gorgeous flowers too!

  2. Lisa, It sounds like I caught your bug over the internet.LOL! Not really, but I hve been in and out of bed for over a week now and still have the chest congestion. I hope you are feeling much, mcuh better soon. Your flowers are beautiful! Have a great day.

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