Interview @ Magnolia Grace!


I’ve been interviewed by Brooke @ Magnolia Grace!  Check it out here.

She is just the nicest person, I had so much fun being interviewed!  And I love her blog — I’ve added it to my favorites.  Thanks again Brooke!

11 thoughts on “Interview @ Magnolia Grace!”

  1. Loved the interview Lisa – so nice hearing some extra details about how you work :)  You’re such an inspiration to me.  Thank you.

  2. Lisa, Great interview. I am just glad you are alright. You were off blog for so long, that I was worried about you. Love your cards. I did not know you designed for anyone until recently. I wondered how you did so many beautiful cards! I guess I am going to try some hero arts stamps!Have a wonderful day!

  3. Great interview, Lisa! I really enjoy it! Great to know you a little bit more! You are such a inspiration to me, thank you for sharing your talent with us! I enjoy reading your blog!!

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