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A Tale of Three Videos

Howdy all!  I was asked to do a video highlighting the new Hero Arts website — my Macbook had other ideas and crashed after it was done, grrr!  Had to do it over.  Anyhow, here it is

Then, I just heard about a Swedish band called Movits — wow they are super good!  They’re a combination of swing, jazz + hip-hop.  Have a listen, but be warned — this will stay in your brain!  Just had to share

Song still in your brain?  Told ya! Only remedy is to listen to it again and again, ha. So, do a save as on this link to get the mp3!

And last but not least, am I the only person on the planet who hasn’t heard what happens when you mix Diet Coke + Mentos?

More soon, I’m finally gonna have time to stamp, yeah!

9 thoughts on “A Tale of Three Videos”

  1. LOVE the video’s…i had not heard about the diet Coke and Mentos…too funny! Thanks for the Website viseo…it explains things a little better…..
    Hope you get to stamp soon…am missing your creations….

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