Hi there, and welcome to my little sketch project. I’ve kept a written nature journal for a long while now, but this year I decided to kick it up a notch and get more into sketching. I share my daily sketches on instagram with the #sideoatspaints2017 hashtag.

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I’m kind of a girl without a plan and I just kinda wing it each day! Unless there’s a holiday — like National Tortilla Chip Day. :)

My dream is to go on a long backpacking trip and sketch all along the way, so I’m practicing so that I’ll be confident and fast enough to do it — my husband isn’t a sketcher so I don’t want to hold him up too long, LOL! I currently spend 30 minutes to an hour on each sketch, depending on the subject. I’ve found that as I sketch more I’m getting faster tho. Yes!

Sketching helps me feel more connected to whatever I’ve drawn in a way that just taking a photo can’t do. It’s kinda hard to explain unless you’ve tried it yourself.  Even though I do get a little frustrated at times when something doesn’t come out the way I’d like it to, I still feel that it’s time well spent. Seems like life just goes by faster and faster anymore and this way I can slow down and savor the moments.

Hope you’ll follow along on my adventures, and start a sketch journey of your own. I’d love to see your sketches too — drop me a comment below!