Ode to Ocotillo

Ocotillo is just the coolest plant — if you read my blog long enough you’ll discover that I say that about most native plants! This first shot was taken in on the road from Santa Elena Canyon to The Basin in Big Bend National Park. Next one was taken in the canyon itself — that’s the Rio Grande River peeking out in the lower right corner. Ocotillo puts out leaves when there’s been enough rain and then drops them in times of drought to conserve moisture. The stems are covered in thorns, so some people plant it in rows for a living fence. In the spring it has bright red flowers that hummingbirds love! I want to see one in the spring sometime! Note that Ocotillo is not a cactus, although it does grow in the same environment.

One Reply to “Ode to Ocotillo”

  1. Neat plant! Desert squid! I’d like to see hummingbirds use it when it is blooming.

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