Which Snowflakes?

Help me decide which snowflakes look better! Top, middle, or bottom? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Top is embossed in clear, middle is stamped in black with a lighter background, and bottom is stamped in black with a darker background. All backgrounds done with Twinkling H2O’s — you can see the sparkles more in the bottom better. Click on the picture to make it larger.

Supplies: All stamps by Hero Arts. Top watercolor paper by Arches, bottom by Hero Arts.

16 thoughts on “Which Snowflakes?”

  1. I also like the top choice, but maybe the white snow flakes would show up more on the darker background. You can really see the H2O paint sparkling in the darker background.

  2. Hey , I’ve been so busy today that I forgot to check your blog but then I remembered and it was like getting a present ! You know , like when you wake up thinking that you have to go to work and then remember that it’s saturday ?
    Anyways , :-) , I like the top sample the best !
    Too funny about the unhealthy snow !


  3. I agree with white snowflakes, but I really like the second background. Sorry if this confuses the issue:) Love the blog and have it on favorites list.

  4. Hmmmm, I actually liked the black snowflakes better too — I think the detail on them shows up better. But then Jason said eeeew, black snowflakes and it got me to thinking! I guess I’ll just have to make some of each!

  5. I like the middle one. Mostly because the left most flake has what appears to be a rhinestone in it.. or do I need to get bifocals already ?

  6. I like the middle one because it is kind of new and funky. I guess I like it because I think the background reminds me of the northern lights and I like that the snowflakes and the words are in black. The white snowflakes are kind of predictable. I love the rhinestone accent.

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