Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have so much to be thankful for — Jason, family, friends, my health, my bike, working on the 2006 Hero Arts catalog, our house and garden, going on the prairie tour with Scott and Coby, going to Big Bend — to sum it up — my life! And dealing with my ankle has made me really thankful for the use of my legs.

Update on the ankle — it’s been feeling better when I first wake up in the mornings but it’s sore by the end of the day. Yesterday I overdid it — on the way home from work I stopped at the grocery store to pick up the Big Bend pictures and get a Jamba Juice and when I came out my car wouldn’t start — doh! — luckily there’s a garage at the other end of the same plaza so I walked down to it — and a guy from the garage walked back with me and jump started the car so I could drive it back and they could run tests on it — by then my ankle was throbbing. Turned out all that was wrong with the car was that it needed a new battery — whew! I was worried it was something more serious. Normally I wouldn’t have given a second thought to walking to the garage, but yesterday it sure seemed far away.