Hero Arts 2006 Ad!

I was relaxing on the couch reading the January issue of Creating Keepsakes when I saw this ad on page 26! I almost dropped the magazine! I had heard from Hero Arts that they were using these cards I made in an ad, but it took me totally by surprise to actually see it! I flipped out and started yelling for Jason to come downstairs! Woo hoo!!

I’m so excited!!! (If you can’t tell, ha ha.)

Check out the new paisley stamps on the telephone and the circles! I love those paisley stamps, they are too cool. And wait until you see the other 2006 stamps! The wait shouldn’t be long now — at the bottom of the ad it says “For an advanced showing starting December 17th, visit a Catalog Debut store. Find one near you by visiting heroarts.com“.

The template for the telephone will be available for downloading on the Hero Arts website after the 2006 catalog comes out.

Sorry if the scan doesn’t look right on your monitor, Jason and I both had fights with the scanner and this was the best we could get it to come out. You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

12 Replies to “Hero Arts 2006 Ad!”

  1. AWESOME! Congratulations for being asked and then seeing them in print! I am excited for you!

  2. BarronessTerri says:

    Wowie for you! The cards are great. Now go finish your holiday cards.

  3. Ha ha, how did you know I don’t have my holiday cards done yet? :-)

  4. Cool!! Congrats!!

  5. Congrats!!! Lisa!

  6. Lisa:
    Congratulations, I know the feeling. I had a great surprise myself today when my local Scrapbook/stamp store called me to tell me I had won their Holiday Card Contest. I submitted 5 cards and my favorite Rudolph Card won. Was so excited. I am happy for you and will look forward to seeing the template of the telephone.

  7. I woke up this morning and had to look at the magazine again to make sure I hadn’t dreamed all this — still floating on air!!!

  8. Great job we are proud of you .
    Have a great day:)

  9. congratulations! … :)

  10. How exciting! Is this your first ad for Hero Arts?

  11. Yep, this is my first ad for Hero Arts!!!! :-)

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