Matchbook Cards

Here’s how to make the matchbook cards — I take no credit for these — I learned how to make them at a demo at Stamp Antonio, an awesome rubber stamp store in San Antonio! See my write up about my awesome visit and more matchbook cards here! Once you get started making cards like this you just can’t stop! As always in my blog, you can click on the picture to make it larger.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Score a an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of cardstock widthwise at 10 1/8″ and 4 7/8″. At the demo we just eyeballed it, folded the paper and used a bone folder to make the creases, but I think it looks nicer to score it — I use the Fiskars rotary trimmer with the scoring blade and then I also go over it with a bone folder.
  2. Cut the sheet of paper in half lengthwise at 4 1/4 inches — this will make 2 cards — they’ll fit in an A2 sized envelope.
  3. Stamp along the flap, then fold the flap up and the top down. Press on the folds with the bone folder to smooth them out.
  4. Hold the flap closed with one hand and use a 1/16 hole punch or an awl to punch a hole in the center of the flap. You want the hole to go all the way through to the back of the card and low enough so that the front of the card can still be lifted up — don’t put the hole through the front of the card or you won’t be able to open it, ha ha! Punch a hole in the center of a length of ribbon too.
  5. Put a tiny brad through the hole in the ribbon and then through the holes in the flap and secure the brad in place. Tie a knot in the ribbon.

Ta da! Now your matchbook card is ready for embellishment! I used a 2.5 x 2.5 piece of patterned paper and stamped a saying underneath and then attached the tree with a pop dot.

Supplies: All stamps by Hero Arts. Patterned paper by Memory Box. Cardstock by Bazzill. The ornaments on the tree were done with red glitter and there’s clear glitter on the star.

17 Replies to “Matchbook Cards”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Your cards are great as always!
    Thanks for the instructions. I am going to start to make these now!
    I look forward to seeing your creations in next year’s Hero Arts catalog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Good instructions! I made one of these matchbox cards at Stamp Antonio’s make-it-and-take-it! ;-)

  3. Wow Lisa , your instructions are wonderful ! I always love to look at your creations ! You should post Jason’s card too . There is lots of talent in your family ! :-)


  4. Ingeborg Schildkamp says:

    Absolute fantastic card!! Great idea for my own Cristmas cards. Thanks for the instructions!! Thankt you too for your e-mail. I’ll answer soon. In the meantime I’ll be checking in on you on your blog. Or do I say at your blog?in your blog???? Let me know.

  5. I’ll see if Jason will let me post his card — he did good!! I’ll turn him into a stamper yet — ha ha!

  6. Thank you for posting the instructions and the pictures. Lisa, I’m a believer in scoring too for a nicer fold. Can’t wait to try these and I love how the ribbon is attached.

  7. Hi Diana! Attaching the ribbon with a brad is a great idea — seems faster than trying to punch two holes and threading the ribbon through them too!

  8. Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing the pattern. I’ve made a smaller version, and included a piece of white cardstock inside (also anchored with the brad) for a stamped greeting. Finishes the card off nicely.

  9. Oooh – oooh! I’m making some of these. I need about a dozen more holiday cards and this is perfect!

    Thanks again for such a cool blog,

  10. You’re welcome! Thanks for your comment! :-)

  11. Lisa,
    Your card is so nice! Wish I’d seen it BEFORE I made my Christmas cards for this year. Oh, well, maybe I can get an early start on next years! Yeah, right!

    I just love creative people! Without them, I wouldn’t have an idea in my head! LOL

  12. Last year I had most of my cards done by July — this year I’m still not done!

    I think everyone is creative, you just have to let it out!

  13. I just finished making 6 great matchbook cards – Thanks!!

    I needed that inspirational kick in the pants right at that moment.


  14. Kathleen (KJF) says:

    I’ve seen these in magazines, but never knew how to make them. Thanks for the great instructions.

  15. I love these cards. I’m going get the kids to help me make some for Valentines Day for their classmates!

  16. Your instructions are SOOOOOO good. Thank you.

  17. I just used your tutorial to make  a matchbook card. Thank you so much for such clear instructions.

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