Where’s the snow?

It’s 77 F right now here in Austin, Texas — it’s supposed to get to a record high of 83 F. I want snow! Don’t think we’ll be seeing any soon, so I decided to try and make some instead!

This is white puff paint with clear glitter glue on top. The white puff paint can be found at craft stores by the fabric paints. First apply the puff paint, then heat it with a heat tool like for embossing and watch it puff up! Then add clear glitter glue to the dried puff paint. Woo hoo, snow!

Supplies: From Our House to Yours by Hero Arts, house by Rubbermoon, card by Memory Box and puff paint by Tulip. I’m thinking this technique would work great on all the places where we normally use glitter or puff paint — trees, santas, snowmen, and more!

As always, click on a picture to make it bigger!

Anybody out there who would like to trade their snow for this stinking sunny 77 F just let me know, ha ha!

12 Replies to “Where’s the snow?”

  1. You are more likely to see an ice storm than snow in Austin!

  2. Love the sparkly snow! Thanks for sharing.

    And, although I don’t want to trade for your 77F, I will invite you to lovely Utah where we most surely have winter!! It’s very cold, there’s snow on the ground, grey/white skies, and the mountains and ski resorts are getting dumped on. I know you’re not allowed to ski yet – but perhaps snowshoeing?

    Enjoy the sun for the rest of us and I’ll enjoy the snow for you. We’re washing windows and hanging plastic!


  3. I’ve got to get to Utah someday! Don’t know if I’d be able to do snowshoeing yet — tried these exercises to strengthen the ankle and now it’s hurting more! Argh!

  4. Well, when you’re ready for a visit – let me know. I’m a great host/tour guide!

    I know great mountain trails AND rubber stamp stores – LOL!

  5. I’m gonna hold you to this!!!!

  6. I like your cards and I have snow that I would gladly send to you. I used to make snow/snowman cards all the time when I lived in Georgia. Somehow now that I live in Michigan, it doesn’t seem so cute. Especially when could see snow on my lawn for 5 months last year!


  7. I’ll take all the snow you don’t want!

    I’m originally from Northeast Ohio — I really miss snow! Just doesn’t seem right for it to be this sunny and warm in Dec! And I’ve lived in Texas for 9 years now too!

  8. I’m with you Lisa – can’t be too much white stuff. And I really mean it – let me know if/when you start making your plans to visit the lovely, snowy state of Utah. All the seasons have something to offer.

    I’ll be having fun for you tomorrow while snowshoeing – promise!


  9. Found your blog on my travels through the internet! Love the use of puffy paint and Hero stamps! I have been making a few beginnings of cards and soem Xmas ATCs for a swap and my dining table is filled with papers, inks, epowder and glitter! Here are a few of my latest on my blog:


    Keep up the creativity!

    Happy Holidays,


  10. Maybe you will see snow when you come home, but not until you and Jason, and Jamie, Eric, Colin and Rusty get here. Can’t wait to get all of my family “home for the holidays.”

  11. Went out in the snow just for you!

    5 degrees, blowing winds, enough to snow to seriously reduce visibility!! We snowshoed for about 90 minutes, trailblazed, didn’t get lost, had a blast – and I thought of you while up in the mountains!

    I hope you felt the vicarious winter!


  12. WOW, sounds like you had a blast! I have been feeling a little more wintery today, must have picked up on your vibes!

    Guess what — it’s supposed to get down to 32 F tonight!!! Fingers crossed!!!

    Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

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