Dreaming of Buffalo

Woo hoo, today’s Austin Chronicle has an article that Jason, Coby, and I helped out with! Go read it! It’s about some Austin prairies that we are trying to get saved — all are threatened by new development.

I took this picture last spring at a place we call the Pflugerville Hay Meadow — it was so beautiful that day. Those are all Engelmann Daisies — a golden glow of them! Happy day!

4 Replies to “Dreaming of Buffalo”

  1. That is a great picture you took! You are a true friend of the Texas prairie.

  2. Looks better than snow and 7 degrees,Bring some sun shine with you.We can use it.see you soon

  3. What a beautiful picture Lisa ! I would love to be there right now !

    :-) Barbara

  4. Along with loving any mountain, I also, love any daisy. This field of Englemann Daisies is a gem. Thanks for the beautiful photo.

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