Mountain Laurel and Fabriano Notecards

What a great day at the Wildflower Center yesterday. These symposiums are always fun because we get to see friends from all over the state that we haven’t seen in months — Texas is a big state — and we always learn something new.

We finally got some much needed rain. I ran out in between showers and took a few pics — this one is of a bloom on a Texas Mountain Laurel tree. I love the smell of Texas Mountain Laurel — it smells kind of like grape sherbert. YUM.

Native Americans used the marble sized, bright red, shiney seeds as beads. They’ve been found in archeological sites all the way to Canada!

This reminds me of a quote by John Muir that one of the speakers used yesterday: When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.

Several of you have asked where I purchase the Fabriano notecards — the cheapest I’ve found them is at Jerry’s Artarama. Looks like they are running a sale on them until 28 Feb. They were on sale in Dec too, so they must run the sale pretty often.

3 Replies to “Mountain Laurel and Fabriano Notecards”

  1. krystn @ mostly hearts says:

    THANKS! for the information about the Fabriano notecards … now I just wish I could decide which size to get …

  2. That’s an easy one — you must get them all! :-) I used the smallest ones for the tag cards. Love the larger ones for weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.

  3. Smells like grape Kool-aid, yum.

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