Mexican Buckeye

This morning while eating breakfast I noticed that our Mexican Buckeye tree has started blooming — so I had to run out and take a picture. This usually means that the hummingbirds are on their way, I’ve seen them nectaring on this tree before — can’t wait!

I’m hoping to have some time to stamp for fun this weekend — I feel some spring cards coming on — espcially with the old Hero Arts tree stamp!

7 thoughts on “Mexican Buckeye”

  1. What a beautiful picture … Spring is on its way! Hooray! Love your photography, Lisa … you are so talented! :)

  2. Mom, I bet the hummingbirds get here by next weekend at latest! I’m going to put the feeders out this weekend just in case!

    Sarah, thanks for your comment! I love taking pictures and capturing the moment.

  3. I love anyone who gets excited about perennial flowers blooming. It always seems like a special gift when it happens. I have a 70-year old wisteria at my house and the other day I noticed the first pale lavender petals. The show is just beginning!

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