Every spring I try to get a picture of these buttercups that are growing in a ditch at the end of our road, and every year it’s windy when I try to take the picture! Today was no exception — 30 mph gusts — but a few of them came out so I thought I’d share.

Nothing says spring to me like these, they’re one of our first wildflowers.

Got a bunch of spring cleaning done today — including my stamp desk, so now I can find things again, ha ha — went for a quick 10 mile bike ride, did some pruning in the garden, filled the bird feeders/bird baths, washed clothes, and more! Whew!

4 Replies to “Buttercups!”

  1. Pretty! Buttercups always make me hungry for some reason. Sounds like the name of a cookie.

  2. Uh oh, is that a hint?

  3. marcia dublin says:

    I too love buttercups. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stamp just like your lovely photo? It would make a very cheerful card.

  4. Barbara Hache says:

    So are you baking cookies tonight ? ;-p


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