Brodie Wild!

On Sunday Jason and I put up these signs at Brodie Wild — a 4 acre property in south Austin that is owned by the city. Several groups are working together to maintain and restore the property, including the Native Plant Society of Texas, the Native Prairie Association of Texas, and the City of Austin, along with a grant from the National Park Service.

I’m so glad all these groups came together to work on Brodie Wild — otherwise who knows what would have happened to the property — ack!

Jason and I worked on designing the signs and he took care of ordering them — I think they turned out pretty well! (The posts had been installed on a previous workday.)

We also installed a kiosk on the property — now all that’s left is to add some information to the kiosk.

If you’re in Austin, stop by on April 15th when we’ll be giving a tour for Austin Nature Day!

3 Replies to “Brodie Wild!”

  1. The signs look great. The Native Plant Society is lucky to have dedicated members like you.

  2. HI Lisa –

    I love the pics of your bike – and the lovely flowers! I hope the ankle is healing well.

    On a ride yesterday I totalled my bike and my husband! He’ll recover and eventually I’ll get the bike out of the shop – but it’s time to start looking for a custom!

    Anyway, it made me think of you and your lovely bike and I was so happy to find these beautiful pictures.

    I’m glad you’re having a great spring.


  3. […]  famous Miss Plum. (Can a plum be famous?)  No, this is two of her sisters who live at Brodie Wild. Taken on Saturday in the rain. We had a workday there with a great group of people — so much […]

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