Hi all!  Thought I’d share what’s going on in my world!

  • Finishing up a Design Team project for the RubberStamper Magazine tonight!
  • Made some samples for Hero Arts yesterday — 11 hours of straight stamping!  Whew!
  • Helped out at a field trip up near Waco (Valley Mills for those who know the area) on Sunday
  • Speaking of the RubberStamper, I’ve been published!  They used a quick card I made a while back — it’s on page 33!  My friend Barbara also has an awesome stamped skirt in the issue — wait until you see it!
  • Still going to physical therapy for the ankle — it finally seems to be getting better though!
  • Went for a good bike ride on Saturday!
  • Want to start yoga!  I signed up for classes, now I just have to go!

Well I think that’s everything.  Hopefully I’ll get some time to stamp for me in the next few days and can post some new cards!

3 Replies to “News!”

  1. Janani Janakiraman says:

    Hello busy bee,
    Do you have a picture of the card that got published in the Rubber Stamper … can you post it in your blog?

  2. Hey Janani! I can’t post the pic on my site, sorry!

  3. Eleven hours of straight stamping?! Wow! I am impressed and jealous! Whenever I am all set and ready to stamp, boom, something must be attended to — never fails, ha ha! That’s gonna be my goal — stamp all day someday! I don’t know how you do it, Lisa, what with working full-time too. You are amazing!

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