Austin at 2 am!

So, you’re wondering…why does she have pictures up on her blog of Austin at 2 am?

Well, last night was a public hearing on several items before the Mayor and City Council — one of which is the November Bond Election. One of the items in the November bond election is Open Space, and to us that means prairies! We had gone to multiple meetings with the Citizen’s Advisory Committee and they had recommended 5 million for prairies as part of Open Space to City Council. But when we read the proposed Bond plan the money was gone! So back to City Hall we go!

If you are in Austin and have next Thursday eve, May 25 free, please let me know! (Hopefully the Open Space item will come up earlier in the adgenda — there were three big items before Open Space last night — so you shouldn’t have to stay until 2 AM!) We need everyone we can to show support for saving Austin’s prairies while there’s still hope. If we have to wait until the next Bond Election in who knows how many years, the prairies will probably be covered in concrete. It’s pretty painless to speak, the Mayor is cool and the City Council members don’t bite, ha!  Plus you get to be on TV — woo hoo! And you can hear and meet others and learn about their issues.

Meanwhile, here’s what happens when I get out of an 8 hour meeting at 2 am and have my camera with me!

As you can probably guess, I didn’t get much stamping done last night…!

4 Replies to “Austin at 2 am!”

  1. Carl White says:

    Nice pictures but could you send some sun this way?  Grass in my yard is knee high.

  2. No sun for you, I’m keeping it all here! We need it for the weekend at Clymer Meadow, ha ha!

  3. Great photos! I especially like the moving lights one. Do you scrapbook?

  4. Hi Ann! I don’t really scrapbook — I do make books of events and give them to people, but none for myself. Don’t seem to have enough time!

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