Letters for Stamping!

Here’s a picture showing the scale of the new Hero Arts Letters for Stamping! Some of you already know that I’m on the Hero Arts design team, so that’s why I’m lucky enough to have the letters already.

These letters rock! They take inks really well! They’re nice and thick like chipboard too, but unlike chipboard they’re more white, not that off-grey color. And you can rub them with ink to change the color, or use embossing powder, chalks, acrylic paints, or watercolor! Woo hoo, so glad we have these letters now!!

7 thoughts on “Letters for Stamping!”

  1. There is at least one web site that has the catalog already online, as of yesterday! So…I’ve already seen the new stamps! ha ha! :)

  2. Wow! Hero Arts is having chipboards!!! Can’t wait to see your work. please post as soon as you finish. oh oh… i am so in love with the new alphabets.. look like 2 inches letters??

  3. Woo hoo!!! My, you have been busy concocting some beauties–love ’em!!!! And, can’t wait to see what YOU do with these chippies!!! ;^)

  4. Well on the Hero Arts site the Letters for Stamping cards can be viewed now here in The Netherlands !!! You have been working very very very hard Lisa!!! And those cards are absolutely awesome. Hope Hero Arts will have the Letters for Stamping at the online store.Can’t say which card I like the best – Jump for Joy or Hero or ….No Problem or I miss U or Why Not. ………..Guess what ??? I i just like them all!!!!!

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