I’ve been a bad blogger!

Hi all, just wanted to say SO SORRY for not blogging more lately — thanks to all who sent me emails and thanks for your understanding! Things got really super busy with the Hero Arts Winter Catalog — can’t wait until you all see it! There’s just too many cool stamps and ideas. Plus things got really super busy in my personal life as well, we were gone every weekend doing prairie activities — I’ve gotta post some pics from the trips! I hope to have some new cards up here soon. In the meantime, have you seen the announcement for the Hero Arts Summer contest? Hope you all enter! And Happy Summer! Can’t believe it’s June 23 already!

2 Replies to “I’ve been a bad blogger!”

  1. I’ve missed seeing your happy little cards! Come back soon… :)

  2. Christmas cards in…June?! Wow! I look forward to seeing them. I just saw your cards in the Summer 2006 Take Ten too. I can actually recognize your cards before seeing your name! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, Lisa! I really like the Take Ten cards!

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