Woo hoo!

Guess what?!? I am now the proud owner of a MacBook! Call me geek girl, but I’m so happy! This puppy rocks, it has Unix, great graphics, and is so fun to use! I’m finally getting it all setup — just finished putting The Gimp on here and this is my first post written on it.

This picture was taken in Chicago when I was there for CHA — it was dark and I was playing around with my point-and-shoot camera but I kinda like the effect. I actually called this store before I left Austin to see if they had the MacBook I wanted in stock — since the Austin store didn’t — well they didn’t have it either so I had to order it online. And now it’s here.

Best thing is — I’ll have a laptop for when I’m travelling.

Now I’m in need of a case for it — if anyone has the 13″ MacBook and has a recommendation I’d love to hear it. Now back to stamping…