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Still stamping…

…I’m still working on assignments for Hero Arts, but still nothing that I can share. So, thought you’d like to see this silly pic of Jason and Scott from this morning — we went hiking at Indian Grass Preserve to check up on things Scott has planted. A fun time was had by all! And now I must get back to stamping…

3 thoughts on “Still stamping…”

  1. This is why I like your blog sooooo much….besides all of the stamping entries……all the entries about the area you live in. Sometimes I have this feeling as if I am travelling through Texas…….well kinda anyway. I was wondering how your garden is doing?????
    And today being 9/11 …I wonder if and what your entry will be. Here in the Netherlands in my home we’ve been watching CNN all day ……to commemorate the horrific deeds of five years ago.

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