I can’t spell.

Chris Chatten, Editorial Assistant at The Rubber Stamper Magazine, is doing a 3 day, 60 mile walk for breast cancer in Philadelphia and a bunch of stampers are adding names of surviors and memorials to the shirt.

I started working on it late last night and it was moving along great — had the flower coming out of the pocket, the flourish, the names, and I was almost done — or so I thought! After I finished I noticed I spelled “survivors” with an “e” — “SURVIVErs” — oh no, what to do?! So I thought and thought, and finally came up with adding the a button to cover up the offending “e” — but couldn’t find any that matched — so grabbed my Crafter’s ink and rubbed it on a pastel pink one. Looked kinda lonely so I added a second little button. Hope it’s not too noticible — what do you think?!!? Eeeks, I just can’t spell. Worst thing is, Jason “said why didn’t you write it down first before stamping it” — but that’s what I did — I wrote it down wrong too! Double doh! Why is English so tricky anyhow?

So Chris, now you know. I’m mailing the shirt along to Denby today — note to Denby, if you spell “survivor” wrong, just add buttons. Hee hee. And Chris, hope you have a good walk! I’ll be thinking of you, the survivors, and memorials. Hugs.

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  1. Oh it looks cuter this way, so be glad you messed up!!!

  2. Chris Chatten says:

    I think it looks adorable! Did you also do the flower coming out of the pocket?

  3. Hi Chris! Yep, I did the flower coming out of the pocket — I just updated my post to add in there. So glad you like it!

  4. Agnes Plutino says:

    Hi Lisa, You are so sweet to think of me. I’m doing good these days. I think I’ll even be able to keep the neuropathy down to a manageable state. And without drugs!!!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    I’m happy that I am not the only one that has trouble spelling, and believe me, in Dutch it is even harder. No logic here and changing the spelling every couple of years.
    And for the Breast cancer part, I’m kind of a survivor too because I took all the prevention actions neccesary because I have BRCA1

    Love Mechi

  6. Charlene in FL says:

    Now that’s what I call making lemonaide, er ah, lemonade, out of limons…I mean lemons! You are awesome!

  7. Wow Lisa, you are so creative.

  8. This is very beautiful and very creative !!!
    Love all your last card you made too !! :)

  9. I knew there was a reason I liked you……another nonspeller. My husband got me a little pocket electronic speller, sigh sometimes I still make goofs. I loved your shirt idea and didn’t realize it was a goof until I read the copy. Hugs, Nancy

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