Stamping, stamping, stamping…

I’ve been stamping up a storm working on assignments for Hero Arts today, but don’t have anything that I can share.

So, I thought you might like to see this picture from when I was out and about seed collecting on Sunday.

Too bad I didn’t have a treat for him, he had to settle for some dry King Ranch Bluestem — a non-native grass from Asia and Central Europe that was brought here for cattle — but it turns out that cattle don’t like it — they eat all the native grasses first.   And it crowds out native flowers  such as the white False Guara that you see here.

I’m working on a birthday card for my nephew Colin — his first birthday is Saturday! So stay tuned…

2 Replies to “Stamping, stamping, stamping…”

  1. Pretty pony. Knowing you, you will probably start carrying treats for the animals now.

  2. This picture is beautiful.

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