NPSOT Symposium in San Antonio

I finally had a chance to create some photo galleries from the 2006 Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSOT) Symposium. Every year members from all over Texas meet at the symposium. This year it was in San Antonio and was held Thursday October 19 thru Sunday October 22.

Jason and I left Austin Thursday evening to go to the pre-conference field trip at the Cibolo Nature Center. It was starting to get dark, so we skipped the BBQ and part of the presentation to hike around the prairie, and boy were we glad we did. It was so peaceful and pretty, plus the sun playing on the grasses made for some great photos — see them in this gallery.

Then Friday there were presentations in the morning followed by afternoon workshops. I made Jason go on the “Weeds of the San Antonio Missions” workshop with Dr. Bill Carr. Bill is the best, I always learn a ton of stuff from him and this time was no exception. Plus I finally got to see the San Antonio missions! (click for another gallery). We had seen The Alamo before, but I never could get Jason to go see the others. You should see my plant list, too!

Saturday there were presentations all day, workshops, and a banquet in the evening. There were plenty of displays, the silent auction, and other things to see too (gallery).

Then Sunday we went on a field trip to see the “South Texas Brush Plains” at Castroville Regional Park (gallery). It was cold — we went from being in the mid-80’s the day before to being in the high 40’s — plus the wind was blowing. Brr! Luckily it turned out to be a great day.

Can’t wait for next year’s symposium — it will be hosted by the Williamson County Chapter. They are a little ways north of us, so the Austin Chapter will be helping out.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. And don’t forget to “Grow Native!”

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  1. That is a nice pic as well. Looks like Big Muhly.

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for sending this out. I enjoyed looking at the field trip pix of trips I wasn’t able to go on. The Meloncito I believe is Melothria pendula. I’m pretty shaky on my cacti, but the first one on your Castroville show is Mammillaria heyderi (Heyder’s pincushion cactus). You also have a picture of Peonia (Acouria sp. probably runcinata, not sure). Wow, some great pictures of the missions in SA, too. Hi to Jason! -Andrea

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