A great weekend.

What a great weekend. Saturday I got stuff done around the house and then went for a bike ride. A cold front had moved in, so my ride was in the 60’s — felt good!

Sunday I got to hang out with two good friends — Scott and Coby. (Jason had to work — poor guy.) We went to Indiangrass Nature Preserve and put out seeds, then hiked around and checked up on plantings and other things that we had done on other days. This is my favorite picture from the weekend (click for gallery) — look at all those seeds! After that we went to check on some plants in Manor, TX. And finally we went to a collect seeds at a rescue site. It got dark and the birds were saying their good nights — love that sound. Then with Scott’s wife Donna we all went out to eat at Satay, a yummy Thai restaurant. Mmmmmmmm.

3 Replies to “A great weekend.”

  1. You have been a busy bee Lisa. Am amazed at your dedication to preserving the native plant life !! saw all your picture galleries too, amazing pictures.

  2. All I see in those pics are rows of Christmas trees!!

  3. I agree. Lisa is a great photographer. Wish I had her energy.

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