Cold, cloudy, and attaching an ornament to a card?

Guess what, we have a winter weather advisory until noon! It’s 29 right now and raining — but I’ve got my fingers crossed for a bit o’ the white stuff.

Not a very good day for taking pictures of cards, so I thought I’d ask if any of you have ideas on how to attach an ornament to a card front?

I made a bunch (like 50!) ornaments to hang on the tree at the Hero Arts booth at Memory Trends — hated for all that work to go to waste so I brought them back with me and plan on using them for Christmas cards — if I can figure out how to attach them to card fronts so that the recipient can take them off.

Was thinking of punching two holes in the front and then tying the ornament on with some ribbon. I’d love to hear any ideas that you have!

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  1. Barbara Hache says:

    This is so cute Lisa !
    I’m not sure what your cards will look like but how about stamping a tree on the card and then punching a small hole (or star shape) on top of the tree and slipping the silver cord through that.The cord could be secured on the inside of the card with a small piece of tape and the card would still look nice once the ornament was removed.
    Another option (rather than stamping a tree)would be to trace around the outside of the ornament with a marker or paint pen.

    :-) Barbara

  2. Cute ornament! Maybe a vellum or acetate pocket?

  3. Barbara Hache says:

    Oh I love the pocket idea Kristy !

    :-) Barbara

  4. Oooooo, I love the pocket idea!

    Like the idea on Anna’s blog too!


    Think I might go with the pocket idea — then non-crafty types won’t have to worry about untying a bow, and it is completely obvious that they can take it out!

    Think I’m going to make a “2006” tag or something to go on it as well. Or maybe stamp it on the back.

  5. this is cute !!! I had this idea too ! :)

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