6 thoughts on “Guess what the UPS man brought today?”

  1. Well, what did he bring?? The Hero Arts catalog? Stamps? I thought HA was not shipping until Jan. 3rd except to Premier HA store where new stamps will arrive Dec. 15th. I would love to get some of their new stamps but hate to have to wait until January!

  2. Hi Sarah — thanks!

    Hi Ann – he brought the catalog! I’m on the design team and it is my dt copy. I’d seen all the cards before because I worked on the card index, but I never saw the whole thing put together before. And you are right, Catalog Debut stores get the debut stamps and the catalog Dec 15, but the rest of the stamps aren’t shipping until Jan 3.

    Can’t wait until everyone sees them!!!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    just wanted you to know I’m getting the catalog tomorrow – december 16th – in a stamping store in Amsterdam. I am sooooooooo excited – can hardly wait to see it!!!!

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