Vacation Day #3: Lichens

I like lichens — so many awesome colors, and such a neat “critter”. On vacation we learned that lichens don’t like pollution at all — so Austin must not be too bad since we still have some in the trees around our house. But they don’t compare to the ones in the Davis Mountains.

This was the view from the kitchen window of the cabin — we nicknamed it “Lichen Peak” — and we decided we had to check it out before we left the preserve.

See all that green on there? That’s the lichens — not spray paint, ha ha.

It was about a 4 hour hike from the cabin to the top of the peak and back — with lots of stops to take pictures.

We went around the side of the outcrop to get to the top — not straight up!

Once at the top we had an incredible view of the cabin. Can you see it? (You can click on the photo to view it larger.)

After we got back we cleaned the cabin, loaded up the car, and headed for the Indian Lodge at Davis Mountains State Park.

What a great stay at the Nature Conservancy’s Davis Mountains Preserve!  We hope to go back someday.