Bad luck comes in threes…

…so now I’m safe, right? First the hard drive on my MacBook crashed. Most everything was backed up, just lost some photos and 3 songs (there’s that number again!). Went to the Apple Store on Sat to get the hard drive replaced. Spent New Year’s eve/day getting everything reinstalled.

Then we had two hardware problems at work. Worked 16 hours on Wed and 17 on Thurs. And it’s still not over. Tired.

So that’s the three right?

Thought you might enjoy a blog that’s been keeping me sane through all of this. It’s called 3191: A year of mornings. Two friends living 3,191 miles apart each take a photo in the mornings and put them side by side. What is cool is that even though they don’t plan the content, they look like they have. Go check it out.