Paper Daffodils

I admit it, I love daffodils. I tried planting some in the garden but they just didn’t do well at all — they’d start blooming and then a 90 degree day would come along and bam! they’d melt into mush. Not a pretty sight. Plus they looked out of place in our native Texas garden.

So when I spied this kit from Paper Source I had to have it. They were easy and fun to make. And they don’t wilt. Yay, daffodil craving solved!

[Note: This photo was not planned — I finished eating breakfast and thought, wow, this would make a good 3191 style photo. Breakfast was cinnamon chip toast from a local bakery and Maya Caffé Teeccino — yum!  Fiesta bud vase in persimmon, plate is sea mist, and mug is tangerine.]

4 Replies to “Paper Daffodils”

  1. Barbara Hache says:

    WOW , these are awesome ! My ME Home Companion magazine came yesterday and there is an article on page 33 that shows the most beautiul paper flowers.I seriously need to make some of these !
    My Blueprint magazine also came yesterday and it has some cool and inspiring ideas.What a great magazine.I only wish that it would come out more often.
    I refuse to click on your links though.Sorry, you are way too much of an enabler! :-) (I didn’t actually start to collect Fiesta until seeing a few of your pictures although I’ve always loved it!)

    Nice to *see* you back !


  2. Looks nice on the table in the morning!

  3. I notice that you’re back to talking about one of your favorite subjects (and mine, too)… flowers! ;D

    Come, Spring!

  4. Dawn Burnworth says:

    I just got the Norsa Blooms from Paper Source. They were delivered today. I am anxious to try them out. They are so pertty. I love your daffodils. They look real. Great job.
    Hi to Louis Burns if she is reading your blog. She is my 2nd cousin.
    Dawn B. from Rockford IL

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