The wearin’ o’ the green

Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend! I decided to celebrate by taking pictures of green in the garden.

To set the scene: it was 68 out and started raining right when I was taking these — so I had to work fast! The birds were tweeting away and the agaritas were smelling great. Mmmmmmm.

First up is an elbowbush — most of the elbowbushes in the area have long finished blooming, but ours is in shade and has just started.

Next up are three coralberry shots — one when I had the shutter speed set too slow but kinda liked anyhow:

And then two more in focus:

Usually the cedar waxwings have cleaned off ALL of the berries by now — but this year they missed a few. Never noticed how the stem matches the berry before. But the berries aren’t green, so no more talk of that! Next up is an aromatic sumac:

A Mexican buckeye — which is actually not a buckeye at all:

And a red buckeye — which IS a buckeye. Being born in the Buckeye State I gotta keep these things sorted out you know!

Wafer ash:

And a rusty blackhaw viburnum to top it off. It’s going to be a great spring!

8 Replies to “The wearin’ o’ the green”

  1. Barbara Hache says:

    Oh these are so beautiful and I am so jealous ! I was building a snow fort with my daughter this morning !

    :-) Barbara

  2. Can I please pay you to let me follow you around for a few days? Oh my gosh, I so love your photography, but more than that the subjects you choose to photograph and the things you choose to write about! Reading your blog is like a step into a naturalists journal. Thank you for today’s touch of spring! (In FL we had a God-kissed day … every single neighbor was out working in their yards, it was so wonderful!)

  3. Wow, stunning pics.

  4. You sure know how to make people wish for Spring. We had 3″ of snow and cold wind. Yes and it is tring to snow again today. Have a good week. Love Dad

  5. Cool pictures. Poopy day here tho.

  6. How pretty! I can smell the sweet spring Texas air already. Thanks especially for the pic of the mexican buckeye. I sure miss my little buckeye in the front yard. It is 10 below freezing here in Ottawa with bonechilling wind gusts that glazed the roads with black ice. Quite the contrast, eh ?

  7. Excellent pictures!

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