Celebrate the Everyday

Rainy morning. Breakfast. Conservation magazine from a friend. Birds at the feeder and birdbath. Wildflowers blooming. Doves calling softly. Celebrate the everyday.

3 Replies to “Celebrate the Everyday”

  1. Love this photograph!!! Awesome.

  2. Hey Lisa, I tagged you today.

  3. HI Lisa –

    I originally discovered 3191 through your comments and I have become kind of obsessed with these two women and their fabulous endeavor – LOL! Thanks so much for sharing it with me – this is a definite addition to my enthusiasm for surfing the web.

    I also LOVE your own photographs – your passion for local flora and fauna shows in the pictures you take and your ability to catch their innate beauty. I

    have had no luck whatsoever with the people in my life to embark on such an undertaking but if you are ever looking for someone to share daily pictures with I’d love to talk! (I suspect I might take a few photos of bike related items since it’s now that time of year!).

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your art, your passion for your local habitat, and 3191.

    Love your blog,

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