Another 3191 moment

“That’s a pretty lunch”, said Jason. “Hey did you see what’s finally blooming!?! (pointing with excitement out the kitchen window) Can you take a picture for me?”

Click. Another 3191 moment.

The wildflower is Herbertia lahue (also known as Prairie Nymph), a prairie iris. We planted the bulbs about 3 years ago, this is the first time they’ve bloomed. Got them here. I’ll try to take a better picture tomorrow when the sun’s not blazing down. [Friday Edit: Looks like the flowers are only open for one day, so this really was special timing in more ways than one.  I’ll have to wait until they bloom again — there’s one bud that looks about ready.]

Lunch was pretty good: spring greens, pears, red cabbage, hazelnuts, and a bit of mozzerlla cheese with balsamic vinegarette dressing and a breadstick from Whole Foods. Yum.

3 Replies to “Another 3191 moment”

  1. Wow, tell me that you planned the lunch after seeing the flower and not the other way around!! Too spooky how the colors go so well together . Love the pictures. Wish there was a way to freeze dry your inspirations and market it. You would make a fortune.

  2. Nope, I was already munching on lunch when Jason came downstairs and told me about the Herbertia. And I didn’t plan the plate either, it was on top of the stack. (For those who don’t know, we’ve have all colors of Fiesta — this is a lilac lunch plate that J got me for Christmas.)

    Too weird, I know!

  3. louise burns says:

    Jason and Lisa are the only friends I have that can co-ordinatie their wildflowers in the garden with their salad! So pretty and fun!

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