And what have we here, hmmm?

That’s what I imagine this little anole was thinking, anyhow. He seemed to be intently watching me the whole time I was watching him, ha!

Hope you have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “And what have we here, hmmm?”

  1. He looks good in Green. Maybe he was looking for a worm. Have a great weekend. Watch out for ticks they are taking over the world. Just ask Chris.

  2. Lisa this picture is fabulous. We don’t have anything like that in Illinois. We do have LOTS of ticks. Found one in my daughter’s bed. I didn’t tell her. Good thing she did make it herself that day. Like she ever does. hehehe. Have a great weekend. It is gorgeous here in IL.

    Dawn B.

  3. Wonderful photo of the critter! What is he sitting on, the edge of a flower pot? Are these critters big? Have never seen one before!! :)

  4. Hi Ann,

    Anoles are pretty small — max size is probably 6 inches from head to tip of the tail. This one was sitting on th edge of a little horse trough that I have a bog garden in.

    They can change color too, like chameleons!

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