And what have we here, hmmm?

That’s what I imagine this little anole was thinking, anyhow. He seemed to be intently watching me the whole time I was watching him, ha!

Hope you have a great weekend.

5 Replies to “And what have we here, hmmm?”

  1. Carl White says:

    He looks good in Green. Maybe he was looking for a worm. Have a great weekend. Watch out for ticks they are taking over the world. Just ask Chris.

  2. Did Chris get a tick?

    I hate those things.

    That’s the only good thing about fire ants, they kill ticks.

    Love you lots,

  3. Dawn Burnworth says:

    Lisa this picture is fabulous. We don’t have anything like that in Illinois. We do have LOTS of ticks. Found one in my daughter’s bed. I didn’t tell her. Good thing she did make it herself that day. Like she ever does. hehehe. Have a great weekend. It is gorgeous here in IL.

    Dawn B.

  4. Wonderful photo of the critter! What is he sitting on, the edge of a flower pot? Are these critters big? Have never seen one before!! :)

  5. Hi Ann,

    Anoles are pretty small — max size is probably 6 inches from head to tip of the tail. This one was sitting on th edge of a little horse trough that I have a bog garden in.

    They can change color too, like chameleons!

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