Spiderwort Saga

It all started with this one

which was growing next to this

in our garden. Hmmm. The dark bluey-purple is the normal shade for around here. Don’t ask where these pink ones came from.

So, all spring long I’ve been keeping my eye out for spiderworts. Found this unusual white one — the only white one on at Quebe Priaire

which was growing next to this

and this sort of “in between” fellow

Notice how the white one still has it’s purple center tho. Not sure of the species.

And at Lehmann Prairie there were these Ohio spiderworts — yep, Ohio spiderworts growing in Texas — plus some blue ones — too bad the blue ones didn’t come out

The spiderworts are almost done blooming for the year. But I’m still going to keep my eye out for them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and keep your eye out for unusual things!