Plant sitting (Hi Scott).

I’ve been plant sitting the past few days for my friend Scott. He grows hard-to-find native plants for area preserves, and I got to water them.

I took my camera along today to see what I could see in the garden.

Never knew that retamas

had these neat spots before

Hey if you ever want to get rid of these echinacea, you know where to find me

oh and if any happen to be missing, it wasn’t me. Really!

This basket flower had a tiny friend

The wind and I had some fun with these clasping coneflowers

Then I took one last pic of the clematis

The passionflower was done today, darn. And the pics of the coral honeysuckle didn’t come out, drat. But all in all a good photo shoot!

PS. Couldn’t get a pic of Socks. Bad kitty.

PSS. The dewberries were yummy. Mmmmmmmm.

4 Replies to “Plant sitting (Hi Scott).”

  1. WOW. You take beautiful pictures. I saw that you live in Austin. OMG.. I live in Hutto. I would LOVE to meet you and stamp with you. :)

  2. Dawn Burnworth says:

    As always Lisa I love your photography. It is one of those AHHHHH things. I just really treasure your skills. Thanks for sharing.
    Dawn B.

  3. You ate the dewberries!?! I thought the raccoon got ’em. Super pictures!!

  4. They were dangling there, as big as my thumb, dead ripe. I figured if something was going to get them they should have done it already — they missed their chance, ha ha!

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