I’m back!

Howdy all!  Just a little note to let you know that I’m back from CHA.  What a great trip — it was so good to see everyone.

Now I’m off to have a nice cup of tea and curl up with the last Harry Potter book!  Read a bit a the airport this morning — until the guy behind the counter’s glare got to be too much, ha ha.  How to tell him that I had it waiting for me at home already?

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  1. Hi Lisa! I am waiting for my son to finish his copy of HP, then it will be my turn. Glad to hear there are other grown ups who read HP!

  2. Hi Lisa-
    Met you at the Hero booth. You helped me with an order (I am a new Rep from GA) and I loved all of your samples. I’ll be looking for them here and on the Hero site. Thanks for being such a sweetheart, and I really appreciate your talent!


  3. Welcome back home!!!

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