It’s a Fiesta!

We are back from Ohio and I’m finally getting caught up enough to blog. Had a great time visiting family — more on that later — thought I’d start with where we went first while everyone else had to work: the Factory Outlet at Homer Laughlin China Co. This is where all of the Fiesta in the world is made.

It’s in Newell, West Virginia — right next to the Ohio River. It was built in 1907 — a really neat building with lots of character. We had a tons of fun, but one warning — don’t go there when you’re hungry!

We have all colors of Fiesta — we could never settle on just a few colors — I love opening the dishwasher and finding neat color combos to use in stamping projects.

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  1. Hey, I know that place!!! Who took the picture of you and Jason?
    Love, MOM

  2. It was one of the ladies who work there — you can see her reflection in the window!

  3. How neat is that! And I finally get to see a picture of you and your hubby! Love the photo you took of the Fiesta ware and the river/clouds.

  4. Put up a picture of your tiles!! U guys look great. WISH i would have seen ya in person :’-(

  5. Hi Lisa

    Love the photo! I used to live in WV and right before moving to TX we visited the outlet. I too couldn’t settle on just one color so it’s nice to know there’s someone else out there (coincidentally in Austin) that has a mutlicolor Fiesta collection.

    I couldn’t believe what the outlet considered “seconds”. It all looked great to me. I was able to get some of the hard to find colors like a lime green and light purple. Did you bring home any great finds?

    Thanks for sharing the photo.


  6. Lisa,
    I really like all the colors of the tiles and the fiesta China.
    (yes, the Todd you work with. Hi Jason!)

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