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  1. Yes, I got to see the preview yesterday…alas, I am not excited by the stamps they chose to preview. Hero Arts have been my favorite stamps for 10 years! But last year was my least favorite. I hope there is more to 2008’s release than what they show so far. Feel free to not post my comment, Lisa. I don’t want to upset anyone.

  2. Hi Ann! There is a TON more to the release than what has been shown so far — see today’s blog post for another peek. Can’t wait until you can see the whole thing, I think there is truly something for everyone.

    I’d be curious to know what you didn’t like about last year’s release and what has been shown so far if you’d like to post or email me!


  3. Well, you asked… Last year’s catalog was full of “cute” or overly simple (i.e. scribble style) designs. Remember when they had the Asian style i.e. Kanji poem or bowl with flower etc? Those were more elegant. The Real Flowers too were and are wonderful. I know it is really a matter of personal taste. Hero Arts has to best guess what the buyers will want. Most of last year’s new stamps just did not appeal to me. I did love and still do the Layering Circles LP019 set. Oh, and the “Thank U” — yuck! Maybe it is meant to appeal to a much younger buyer? :) Oh, and paisley?? Just too trendy…

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