A great birthday.

Yesterday was a great day — my boss found out it was my birthday and he insisted that I take the day off — what a guy! So a good friend and I went hiking for about 7 hours starting at St. Edwards Park, through Bull Creek Preserve and back — click to see the map — we had the perfect weather — low 50’s and calm.

We followed most of the trails in St. Edwards Park — except for the ones through the cacti — Jason and I rode our mountain bikes on that trail on the 4th of July and I wasn’t all that keen on going back — one wrong step and you’re picking spines out for the rest of the day — ouch!

I love hiking this time of year. The crowds of summer are gone, and the trails by the creek are really pretty and peaceful

Willows in winter hold the promise of spring

The sycamores are are all decked out with their Christmas ornaments

As we headed out of St. Edwards we saw this guy swoop into a nearby tree — I think it is a kestral — saw the pattern on his breast. Anyone know? He had a mouse hanging out of his mouth — well, at least the tail!

Scott dubbed this scene “The Mines of Moria”, ha ha! We had our first lunch sitting on the spillway: pecans from the Georgetown Pecan Company (thanks Agnes), bananas, blueberries, cherries and ginger snaps. Yum!

We climbed in and out of little canyons all day — so pretty. And you have to love it when the trail is the natural rock

There were good stands of prairie grasses, too — like this Little Bluestem glowing copper as the sun began to sink below the horizon

and this Seep Muhly that looks like a waterfall rolling down the hilllside

What a great day.

(And yep, we made it back to the truck without having to use a flashlight, ha!)

7 Replies to “A great birthday.”

  1. Wonderful photos. I’m impressed. I feel relaxed just looking at them.

  2. Makes me fell better looking at your pictures, We got cold and snow. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Lisa
    Fab photographs, what a perfect way to spend a birthday.

  4. It sounds like the perfect way to spend your birthday. I really miss those marathon type hikes we used to go on.
    I’m working on it…
    This has got to be the best time of year here in Texas. Reasonable temperatures most days. Now that the leaves have dropped from the trees you see all sorts of things. I’m spotting all sorts of seedlings and rosettes now that we’ve had a bit of rain.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Thanks for the photos of the trails. I used to go jogging there at lunch when I worked on 360. It is just as beautiful as I remember it. Austin is sure beautiful.

  6. […] (And yep, tomorrow is my birthday.  Hoping to go hiking with Scott, if the weather cooperates.  It’s 30 and misting rain right now, brr.  So different from last year.) […]

  7. […] just a light mist now and then — so Scott and I set off on our hike — YAY!  Just like last year, we started at St. Edwards Park (off Old Spicewood Springs road, for those in the area) and hiked […]

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