Busy busy.

And did I mention busy?  What a weekend!  It all started on Friday when I went to a special yoga night with a friend that included a gong concert.  Saturday I went to Fredericksburg — about 2 hours west of here — for a Native Plant Society of Texas board meeting.  Then Sunday I finished up a book, cleaned house, and made roasted acorn squash for the first time.

More soon!

3 thoughts on “Busy busy.”

  1. Hi Lisa
    What’s an acorn squash ? We have butternut squash in the UK – shaped a bit like like a bell, harvested in the autumn and keep overwinter. Peel and the flesh is solid and medium orange coloured. either bake or boil. Makes a nice change from mashed potato to top a veggie pie.

    Muggle cleaning how boring – I am coming back as Mrs.Weasley, flick a wand and its all done – I wish …

  2. Hi Julie!

    An acorn sqash is shaped like an acorn, and green on the outside. It’s harvested and kept the same way. I cut them in half and baked them for a while on a cookie sheet with the peel facing out, then took them out and stuffed them with a brown and wild rice mixture that had pecans, apricots and spices, then put them back in the oven with the peel side facing down. Mmmmm. I should have taken a picture! They taste alot like butternut squash.

    I’m with you on the cleaning! :)

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