BKAC: Part 5 of a 10 Part Series

In today’s episode of Better Know a Cupcake, we’ll meet the Inspired By Martha Cupcake. Yep, that Martha! Check out this scrumpy cupcake from an article that appeared in Kids magazine. Yum.

This gift holder is for Jason’s dad’s birthday — but the gift card that is in there is mine. Thanks Dad and Debby! Oh yeah, and that’s Lance on the front.

Kit and instructions for the gift card are here and here. I’m off to track down some citrisy-sweetness! Anybody have a Clementine?

2 Replies to “BKAC: Part 5 of a 10 Part Series”

  1. What a fabulous card ! Now I know that I need to get these stamps ! :-)

    I found the most adorable mini mandarin oranges at Safeway (in canada) last week. They are about the size of kumquats but you peel and eat them just like mandarins. Yum !

    :-) Barbara

  2. That is very clever! Your BKAC series inspired me to get the clear cupcake set, and now I’m looking forward to trying this with one of them! Thanks!

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