Wild fun on a cloudy Sunday.

Today started out sunny, but quickly became cloudy and windy, with sprinkles of rain. We were thinking of going hiking, but it wasn’t looking too good. Hmmm, what to do? We decided to go and see the Shou Ping Paper Sculpture exhibit at the Wildflower Center.

First stop was the pond in the entryway where we met this guy. Hello there Mr. Turtle!

He looks like he’s having wild fun at the Wildflower Center, doesn’t he?

Well, maybe not.

Then it was on to the exhibit! If you are in the Austin area, you should definitely go and see — these pictures just don’t do it justice. Shou Ping creates sculptures from paper. Beautiful.


Then we went for a walk around the rest of the Center. Saw some of the first blooming bluebonnets


Windflowers — very appropriate for today

Baby Blue Eyes

Redbud trees — although, a friend and I think they should be named pinkbuds

And a pretty plum

Burned prairie grasses leafing out — the Wildflower Center has been doing research on burning at different times of the year vs mowing

A dewberry patch in full swing — have you ever had a dewberry? They taste like blackberries. Only better.


And last but not least, a viburnum

I love days like this, the colors are so saturated. A little tricky with the wind, but that goes with the territory when you take wildflower photos in Texas.

And to the family in Ohio and Pennsylvania — ha ha ha ha ha!  Heard you have a little snow?

5 Replies to “Wild fun on a cloudy Sunday.”

  1. Nice pics, Lisa! You really nailed that bluebonnet!

  2. We had about 8 inches of snow mixed with freezing rain. Cleveland received about 20 inches of snow and so did Columbus. It is nice to see all the flower pictures and it gives me hope that spring is on the way!!!!

  3. bite me. snow rocks!!!!

  4. cute turtles!

  5. You always take the most wonderful pictures of flowers, Lisa. I so enjoy seeing them! The color on the spiderworts is incredible. :D

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