Watercolor weekend.

Having a fun weekend playing around with watercolors + watercolor pencils.

This cute bunny is from the Hero Arts Clear Design Happy Day Animals set — it’s the only stamp on the card front — I stamped “happy easter” on the inside. Jason says it looks more like a bat with long ears tho, humph. What does he know?

Will share more cards this week — I’m off to have more fun watercoloring!

4 Replies to “Watercolor weekend.”

  1. Cute, Lisa!

    tell Jason, it can’t be a bat, ’cause bats aren’t white!

  2. Hey Jacki! Jason says to tell you that it’s an albino bat. (He was laughing when he said it. Men!)

  3. it’s so cute!!! Happy St Patty’s Day!

  4. That bunny is cute! Let’s hear it for flying bunnies!

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