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Happy Friday!

It’s cloudy here this morning — as you can guess from these shots of the breakfast table. Jason is off today, so we got to have breakfast together — fun! After he cleaned up his side of the table I thought hey — this would make a neat photo. First shot is 400 ISO, and second is at 1600 — you can really tell the difference in the “film grain”. I’m testing out a new lens that arrived here yesterday — the Canon 17-40 mm — so far I LOVE it! Can’t wait to try it on some prairie landscape shots.

I know it’s been a while since I posted a card — been busy on a huge project for Hero Arts, wait until you see it on Monday… Until then, hope you have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday!”

  1. Hi Lisa, aren ‘t the flowers from the Aquilegia family ?Don’t know the English name. Are they from your garden?
    Can’t wait till monday.
    Have a nice week – end,

  2. Hi Ingeborg! Yep, they are from the Aquilegia family — Columbine is the common name we use. And yep, they are from the garden.

    Let me know what you think on Monday!


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