Happy Friday!

It’s cloudy here this morning — as you can guess from these shots of the breakfast table. Jason is off today, so we got to have breakfast together — fun! After he cleaned up his side of the table I thought hey — this would make a neat photo. First shot is 400 ISO, and second is at 1600 — you can really tell the difference in the “film grain”. I’m testing out a new lens that arrived here yesterday — the Canon 17-40 mm — so far I LOVE it! Can’t wait to try it on some prairie landscape shots.

I know it’s been a while since I posted a card — been busy on a huge project for Hero Arts, wait until you see it on Monday… Until then, hope you have a great weekend!

3 Replies to “Happy Friday!”

  1. Ingeborg Schildkamp says:

    Hi Lisa, aren ‘t the flowers from the Aquilegia family ?Don’t know the English name. Are they from your garden?
    Can’t wait till monday.
    Have a nice week – end,

  2. Hi Ingeborg! Yep, they are from the Aquilegia family — Columbine is the common name we use. And yep, they are from the garden.

    Let me know what you think on Monday!


  3. WHAT? UR from Austin!!!???? So am I ! I love your blog and never even noticed that we were neighbors!! If you ever wanna stamp, let me know! You do absolutely beautiful work and your photography is stunning. Might have to get a Rebel!

    Thanks for sharing those bunnies – I’m charmed!!


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