What a week this has been!

Wow, what a week this has been. The Hero Club Blog went live on Sunday and it has been a whirlwind ever since. Still can’t believe that Monday’s post got over 900 comments on the first day! WOW.

This week we are featuring cool things you can do with clear elements — so I made this card to join in the fun.  Read more on the blog! 

10 Replies to “What a week this has been!”

  1. Lisa, Your card is absolutely awesome!!!

  2. That’s really cool, Lisa! I never would have thought to do that with the buttons!

  3. I am loving the new Blog and the Flickr group-maybe I can steal a few minutes this weekend and actually create something to share in the group!!
    Love those little buttons-I wish I had seen this idea sooner-we just had a buttoned themed card exchange in my Shop! And the idea to use a sticky note to hold the buttons still while stamping is brilliant!
    mary w

  4. Must you always give me heart palpitations with everything you create???!!!! …………..THUD!!!

  5. you did an awesome job setting this up!

  6. This card is wonderful ! a great job !
    Thanks so much for your visit on my blog Lisa ! :)

  7. stamping on buttons is pure craziness… i love it!

  8. Dawn Burnworth says:

    I haven’t checked your blog for a bit. This card is fantastic. I love those birds. Makes me feel like spring could be on its way here in Illinois.
    Dawn B.

  9. Lisa you have done a great job this week!! I have just loved all of your work and inspiration, particulary as I am going through a bit of a bird phase at the moment!! :o) Thanks so much.

  10. I loved seeing this on the Hero Blog, and I love seeing it here, too. :) Clear buttons are so much fun and what you did with them here is just amazing! So simple, yet such stunning results. And I love how the sentiment matches the image… mama bird and her babies… hee!

    Thanks again, Lisa, for a great week over at the Hero Blog. It was so much fun and your ideas were AWESOME! You ARE the (bird) woman! :)

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