Just a quick post…

Wanted ya to know that I’m still alive — just busy busy! Getting ready for the big May splash on the Hero website, and then things should settle back down to “normal” — whatever that is.

Thought I’d share some photos from the weekend before last — I took ’em on a prairie field trip to Meador Meadow that Jason organized up near Oklahoma.

These are called “shooting stars” — lovely name, and a flower that is getting rarer all the time. The wind was blowing like crazy that day, so I took a gazillion pictures to get a few good ones. So glad to have a digital camera.

Springtime in Texas is wildflower time, and that means we visit prairies all over the state. This weekend Jason and I are leading a field trip to Simpson Prairie — it’s closer to Austin than Meador Meadow, so come join the fun! Especially if you’ve never seen a prairie and you’re in central Texas.

More soon, promise!

In the meantime, have you seen the video on the Hero Arts blog today?

5 Replies to “Just a quick post…”

  1. wow… so pretty!

  2. Beautiful! These flowers remind me of the Cyclaam we have here in Europe, but I don’t believe it’s the same flower.

  3. Thanks Godelieve! They ARE actually replated to the Cyclamm! :)

  4. Alan Lusk says:

    Great shots! Can’t wait to see more.

  5. Stephanie Roberts says:

    Lisa, that picture of the flower is so beautiful. I have a mini-obsession with taking pictures of flowers… so I have a deep appreciation for good pictures of flowers – and yours is especially impressive considering the wind!
    Thanks for sharing :)

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